Tuesday, November 21, 2017

A full life............................

     In his ninety years, Churchill had spent fifty-five years as a member of Parliament, thirty-one years as a minister, and nearly nine years as prime minister.  He had been present at or fought in fifteen battles, and had been awarded fourteen campaign medals, some with multiple clasps.  He had been a prominent figure in the First World War, and a dominant one in the Second.  He had published nearly 10 million words, more than most professional writers in their lifetime, and painted over five hundred canvases, more than most professional painters.  He had reconstructed a stately home and created a splendid garden with its three lakes, which he had caused to be dug himself.  He had built a cottage and a garden wall.  He was a fellow of the Royal Society, and Elder Brother of Trinity House, a Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, a Royal Academician, a university chancellor, a Nobel Prizeman, a Knight of the Garter, a Companion of Honour, and a member of the Order of Merit.  Scores of towns made him an honorary citizen, dozens of universities awarded him honorary degrees, and thirteen countries gave him medals.  He hunted big game and won a score of races.  How many bottles of champagne he consumed is not recorded, but it may be close to twenty thousand.  He had a large and much-loved family, and countless friends.
     So Winston Churchill led a full life, and few people are ever likely to equal it - its amplitude, variety, and success on so many fronts.  But all can learn from it, especially in five ways.

-Paul Johnson,  Churchill

Ed. Note:  Stay tuned for more about the five ways.

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