Thursday, December 27, 2018

An emergence that is still with us...............

     He was the son of a humble wood-carver and remained, all his life, a man who worked with his hands.  Unlike many successful Renaissance artists, such as Ghiberti, to whom he was apprenticed between 1404 and 1407, Donatello had no social pretensions, no aesthetic pride, no swagger.  He spoke and live in a rough way, like the craftsman he was.  He never made much money, and in his old age, he live on a pension from Cosimo de'Medici, who worshiped him.  He does not seem to have accepted the fact that artists could now move in the best society and were becoming highly prized individuals, famous men.  He was not interested.  To that extent, one of the central facts of the Renaissance, the emergence of the artist celebrity, left him unimpressed.

-Paul Johnson,  The Renaissance:  A Short History

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