Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dave Longaberger's magnificent gift

continues to amaze. We enjoyed Barbara Bailey Hutchinson's performance at the Midland Theater's Stage Door Cabaret last evening. BBH is a VERY talented singer/artist with both a whimsical sense of humor and a willingness to share her spiritual path. Fun evening.

As do many visiting performers, she raved about the Midland. It is good to be reminded what a valuable resource we have in Downtown Newark. Maybe sometimes we forget what a huge gift it is.

When Dave Longaberger acquired the Midland it was in deplorable condition, but he had the vision to see what it could become and the willingness to undertake the journey. At the time of his death the restoration was only partially complete. God bless his daughter Tammy who had the faith and commitment to finish the job. $8,500,000 later the Newark community has a priceless jewel.

We owe the Longabergers a huge Thank You. One way to thank them is to buy their products, which you can do here.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Anderson Layman Company Act I

In May of 1982, two young friends became business partners. Each had five years of prior experience in the residential real estate sales business. After said five years, each had a sense of constructive discontent with the notion of selling houses as a long term career. The creative world of investment and commercial real estate beckoned, offering intriguing possibilities. After months of discussions, the friends took a leap of faith and opened their own brokerage business, the Anderson Layman Company. For the next twenty five years Anderson Layman Company focused, through good times and bad, on commercial/investment real estate and development in Licking County, Ohio.


In November of 2007, for a number of reasons that seemed to make sense to all the parties at the time, Anderson Layman Company absorbed itself into NAIOhio Equities. NAI is an international confederation of large commercial real estate brokerages who have allied themselves for the purpose of extending their reach. Ohio Equities is a large Columbus based commercial brokerage and management company. Owned and operated by Sandy Simpson, Ohio Equities is a good solid company with good people. We like them and consider them our friends.

Anderson Layman Company Act II

In December of 2009, for reasons that seem to make sense to all the parties, Anderson Layman Company de-absorbed itself from Ohio Equities. Once again, Anderson Layman Company will be operating in the Licking County market as an independent real estate brokerage, specializing in commercial and investment real estate.
We are looking forward to it.