Tuesday, June 14, 2016


This blog has no official position (although there is an unofficial position, which you are likely to guess correctly about) on Britain's referendum on the European Union, but it is interesting, and a bit of relief, to watch other countries struggle over tough choices.

I choose not to believe it is a curse to live in interesting times.  Study up and enjoy the ride.  Here are two thoughtful people, not directly affected by the vote, thinking thoughtfully about the subject: 

11.  So I would vote Remain, but with some feelings of despair, because what I’d be voting to remain with is a system that desperately needs reform but shows little sign of reforming.
-Paul Krugman

"Actually, Obama likes the European Union’s approximation of American progressives’ aspirations. These include unaccountable administrators issuing diktats, and what one E.U. critic calls “trickle-down postmodernism” — the erasure of national traditions and other impediments to “harmonizing” homogenized nations for the convenience of administrators."
-George Will

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