Sunday, October 2, 2022


      The outer healing of the land will always be my and my family's work.  But our inner healing is even more important.  We see the world through inner frames.  Healing ourselves is as much a part of the restoration of the planet as building a place for elephants to walk to the mountains as ambassadors of peace.

     Maybe, like me, you also need to heal but you can't walk out into the wilderness this afternoon.  But you can look up at the sky or that tree poking through the concrete and know that there are thousands of other people who feel equally disconnected from their inner and outer worlds.  You can, from where you stand, make a decision to restore from within, even if your mind screams that it is not possible.  Whatever feels unresolved, the animal part of you is already tracking the healing you need.  Follow that trail; the medicine will feel like freedom.  In that moment, you'll become a part of restoring Eden.

-Boyd Varty, Cathedral Of The Wild

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