Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Did someone mention a "higher education bubble"?

Can we hear an AMEN for the public universities in Ohio? Long
may they prosper!  Never thought I would appreciate Ohio State
this much.  Apparently there are now 123 institutes of higher
education that charge over $50,000 per year for tuition, room,
and board.  Yow.   My beloved alma mater now checks in at
$50,160.  I think my parents paid $4,500 for my senior year,
that being 1973 for those keeping track.  While I valued my time
at Denison, I'm not sure I believe it would be worth $200,000+.
I realize that financial aid is available and that nobody pays the
full sticker price, but still............

The following is taken from the full list of 123 schools and shows
the full cost for 2011-12.  Go here if you want to see the whole
thing.  Thanks to Mark for pointing the way.


  1. As long as peoplee continue to put themselves in deep debt to pay it the prices will just continue to climb. Why shouldn't they? They haven't reached the intersection of the supply and demand curves.

  2. I graduated from Brooklyn College (CUNY) back in 1974 - should have been '72 but took two years off to work full time. Back then, New York City residents qualified for a tuition free education - only thing you had to pay for was student activities fees. From the time I started in '68, my annual education cost was about $30.00 to a final high of $70.00 in '74.

    How lucky I was...

    (*Brooklyn College is still a bargain for residents of NY - about $2500 per year...)