Friday, December 2, 2011


"From a great heart secret magnetisms flow incessantly
to draw great events."

"Knowledge of men, knowledge of manners, the power of
form, and our sensibility to personal influence, never go
out of fashion.  These are facts of a science which we study
without book, whose teachers and subjects are always
near us."

"The lesson taught by the study of Greek and of Gothic
art, of antique and of Pre-Raphaelite painting, was worth
all the research, - namely, that all beauty must be organic;
that outside embellishment is deformity."

"We love any forms, however ugly, from which great
qualities shine.  If command, eloquence, art, or invention,
exist in the most deformed person, all the accidents that
usually displease, please, and raise esteem and wonder

-all quotes are excerpted from Ralph Waldo Emerson's
essay, Beauty.

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