Friday, September 14, 2012

Absolute differentness.............

Goldwater on The Conservative.......................

    "The first thing he has learned about man is that each member of the species is a unique creature.  Man's most sacred possession is his individual soul - which has an immortal side, but also a mortal one.  The mortal side establishes his absolute differentness from every other human being.  Only a philosophy that takes into account the essential differences between men, and accordingly, makes provisions for developing the different potentialities of each man can claim to be in accord with Nature.  We have heard much in our time about 'the common man.'  It is a concept that pays little attention to the history of a nation that grew great through the initiative and ambition of uncommon men.  The Conservative knows that to regard man as part of an undifferentiated mass is to consign him to ultimate slavery."

-Barry Goldwater, The Conscience of a Conservative

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