Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Linky goodness.........................

Seth on the risks of too much simplicity:
     "Nuance and subtlety aren't the exception in changing human behavior. They're the norm."

John E. Smith on the sources of inspiration:
     "Brimming over with possibilities just because I am open to them in the Heartland"

Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles on the looming cliff:
     “There’s something terribly bizarre and juvenile about that to think your party comes ahead of your country. I don’t go for that at all”

Nan on paying attention:
     "It is a good practice - focusing on this moment. Try it, why don't you?"

Jeff wants out of the box and off the screen:
     "But that act of sitting down at a table together, sharing stories and good conversation, opens up a more humane way of seeing each other. Real voices, real people, in real time."

To spice up your blog viewing/reading, try a little of Jetboy's best  playing in the background.  It should do the trick.  You just don't find this stuff listening to the radio.

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