Thursday, January 31, 2013

Broaden your horizons................ reading Walter Russell Mead on a regular basis.  To wit:

Policy needs to be about the future, but politics often reflects the patterns of the past.    Full essay here.

Corn-based ethanol fails every metric a fuel could hope to pass. It is the archetypal pig in green lipstick.  Full essay here

But it’s been clear from the beginning that this is the kind of thing you get with a massive, centralized health care “fix” like Obamacare: 15 unhappy people in a room making enormously important but impossible to predict decisions affecting a broad and diverse industry (not to mention the lives and health of millions). It’s hard to imagine a centralized approach getting all the nuances of health care right—and we certainly haven’t stumbled onto the miracle cure here.  Full essay here.

Poverty is getting richer all the time.  Full essay here.

Cynics, paranoids and conspiracy theorists—which is to say the Egyptian political and intellectual classes—may even be wondering if the military has allowed or even provoked the present violence precisely to check the Brotherhood’s power.  Full essay here.

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