Sunday, February 3, 2013

"Functional Stupidity".......................

News arrives late in my wee corner of the Intertunnel.  Apparently there is a new "management" theory that suggests employee stupidity is a path to (short term) productivity. Google "functional stupidity" if you doubt me.  Here is Tom Asacker:

Have you heard the term "functional stupidity?"
It's a new management theory (great name, huh?). 
It says that the absence of critical thinking in organizations creates unity.
And this consensus mindset helps improve productivity. 
Instead of questioning things, people focus intently on the task at hand. 
We are a nation overflowing with "functionally stupid" organizations.

And this from Business News:

"We see functional stupidity as the absence of critical reflection. It is a state of unity and consensus that makes employees in an organization avoid questioning decisions, structures and visions," said Mats Alvesson, professor of organization studies at the Lund University School of Economics and Management in Sweden. "Paradoxically, this sometimes helps to raise productivity in an organization."

Asacker again:

"It's a delusion. A happy trance.
And we need to be knocked out of it.
By each other."


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