Friday, February 15, 2013

Mixed blessings..................

David Harsanyi weighs in on the President's SOTU ideas about manufacturing:

America is producing about 80 percent more than it did 30 years ago with nearly 8 million fewer workers needed. Technological advances and a boom in productivity have not only made life more tolerable for the average American worker, opening up far better opportunities for them, but also been a godsend to consumers.

Full essay from whence the above quote was lifted is here .  My favorite excerpt is here:

But the problem isn't a lack of manufacturing jobs. It's that, by almost every measure, the entrepreneurial class is shrinking in America. Democrats may romanticize massive collective national efforts of the past, but individual risk and unexpected innovation are what change the world. The last thing we need is another crony "manufacturing hub."

Mean-looking (for those who believe in the Fordist economy with massive manufacturing employment) chart is here:


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