Saturday, February 1, 2014

Just your routine Friday morning..........

The Licking County Chamber of Commerce sponsors an annual Groundhog's Day breakfast.  Somewhere between 650 and 700 friendly folks rise extra very early and gather for breakfast, an economic update, and an inspirational speaker.  Along the way, they might get a hug from a fairly furry Groundhog.

The economic news for our County looks fairly positive.  As they say, "good stuff is happening."  Our inspirational speaker was Jane Grote Abell  the CEO of Donato's Pizza.  To say her talk was great would be to understate it by a factor of about 10.  She was amazing

As for the Groundhog.....................
Trial run.    Learning how to see again

A hug with a very most important person


Does this suit make me look fat?

Making no promises about the weather

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  1. The most huggable Groundhog ever, great job! We could not have done it without you.