Saturday, March 22, 2014

Opening paragraphs..............Part the First

      We've been beat up.  We've been struggling to come back.  We're finally breaking out to levels that were thought to be unthinkable given how poorly stocks have performed in the past decade and a half.  We need to stop getting knocked around and settling for incremental strides.  It's time to use the stock market to build wealth again.  It's time to get rich, but to do so carefully this go-round, not recklessly and not with blind disregard to this new world of investing.  We accept that this market has overpowered most small investors.  The big funds too seem to have lost their ability to beat the averages, perhaps permanently, because of their size and because of their collective bunker mentality that has them simply trying to mimic the Standard & Poor's 500.  I am confident you can beat the averages if you work with me to triumph over the obfuscating, infuriating and often broken process of trying to profit from short- and long-term stock price movements.
-James J. Cramer, from the Introduction to Get Rich Carefully

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