Wednesday, October 15, 2014

On readiness..............................................

     Confusion can be a gift from God.  Looking back on instances when I felt desperately in need of an immediate solution, I can see that often I wasn't ready to act.  When I became ready, the information I needed was there for the taking.
     When I know too much about my options before the time is right to exercise those options, I tend to use the information only to drive myself crazy.  That's why today, when I am feeling confused, I try to consider it grace.  It may not be time for me to act.
     I think that dealing with confusion can be like cooking.  If the bread isn't done, I don't take it our of the oven and insist that it's time to eat.  I let it finish baking.  If a clear solution to a problem hasn't shown itself yet, I can trust that it will appear when the time is right.
-Courage to Change

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