Friday, October 10, 2014

This explains a lot..........................

The blog head line reads:
This Is The Worst Thing Ever And We’re All Going To Die.
Life itsownself would be easier if more folks had been history majors in college.  The world of humanity has always been crazy.  Things have never been better, easier, or more comfortable for our species, but you would never know that by just watching the news.  If a wee bit of perspective interests you, read this blog post.  Conclusion here:
...though we may think very highly of ourselves, large groups of people are almost always won over by demagoguery. So it’s not surprising that Mencken’s hobgoblins are everywhere in politics. Or that the most vital election is the one you’re about to vote in and the most crucial movement ever is one you’ve adopted. History culminates right here. The arrogance of the times demands it.

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