Friday, July 10, 2015


As annual traditions go, this is a pretty good one.  My Sweetie and I are in the habit of spending a week on Hilton Head Island during the summer.  For the fourth (or maybe the fifth - who can remember these things) year in a row, one evening was reserved for a rendezvous with Aiken/Augusta based Intertunnel friends, Doug Eclecticity Fine and Ray the not-so-simple-Village Undertaker Visotski.  Previous meetings were held at the now defunct Lobster House in Allendale, S.C.  A new venue was sought - and found.  We now have a favorite hangout in Hampton, S.C.  Do visit Will's if you ever pass through Hampton.
      Once-a-year meetings are interesting.  Just enough time to catch up on work, family, pets, our latest music and readings, favorite blog posts, and life its ownself;  sharing a brief snapshot of our lives, and renewing friendships.  It is a blessing.

A new venue

Nobody knew our names, but they were friendly anyway

Ray gritted his teeth for a photo under a Clemson banner

Doug sucked it up for a picture under a USC banner.  Rivalries are great.

Hampton is about half way.  The longest part of the trip was
getting off the Island in heavy traffic.


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  2. Try Tybee Island just south sometime. You can see HH from there, but 180 degrees different in attitude.
    Good ole rednecks.....