Monday, September 7, 2015

Nothing else matters...................................

So, quick, end-of-speech-advice.  Since, according to me, your life is going to be a gradual process of becoming kinder and more loving:  Hurry up.  Speed it along.  Start right now.  There's a confusion in each of us, a sickness, really:  selfishness.  But there's also a cure.

Be a good and proactive and even somewhat desperate patient on your own behalf -  seek out the most efficacious anti-selfishness medicines, energetically, for the rest of your life.  Find out what makes you kinder, what opens you up and brings out the most loving, generous, and unafraid version of you - and go after those things as if nothing else matters.

Because, actually, nothing else does.

-George Saunders,  Congratulations, by the way:  Some Thoughts On Kindness

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