Monday, October 19, 2015

Life its ownself............................

As excerpted from the Goose Chronicles:

He could have had a career in the military but the sheet metal business was in his blood.  It’s what his father did and what Marty always knew he’d do one day.  He didn’t get into the business to become a millionaire.  He got into it because it was hard and honest work.  She seemed to appreciate that.  He told her that the metal he worked on was used for cars, airplanes and even repairs on the Statue of Liberty.  His company had just signed a contract to do some of the metal work on the Twin Tower Buildings that were going up.
                 “You heard about them?”  Marty asked.  “Tallest skyscrapers in the world.”
                “Yeah.”  She nodded.  “I heard about them.”
                The next weekend he stood outside her apartment in Hempstead and nervously rang the bell.  The beautiful blonde girl had a name, Theresa, and she had agreed to go on a date with him.  A moment later a pretty brunette opened the door.
                “Oh,” Marty said, not expecting someone else to answer the door.  “Does Theresa live here?”
                “What are you some kind of jokester?”
                Theresa laughed all the way to the movies.  “You mean to tell me you thought that was my realhair?” 
                Marty nodded sheepishly.  He’d never heard of a woman wearing a blonde wig as a fashion accessory.  It was hard keeping up with the trends of the 60’s…
                It turns out Marty didn’t have a thing for blondes, he had a thing for Theresa.  He married her because she made him happier than anyone he’d ever met.  They moved to their dream home in Mineola and weaved a beautiful life together with their two daughters.
                Marty continued working in the sheet metal industry.  When the economy soared work was plentiful but when it tanked he cleaned banks at night to make ends meet.  Theresa stuck with him through everything.  And through all of Marty’s life, the good and the bad, he always smiled when he thought of the brunette girl with blonde hair who had given him a life better than his wildest dreams.

Thanks David.  The back story about the Goose Chronicles is here.  You really should read it.

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