Thursday, December 31, 2015

Read this passage......................

......................................and immediately thought of Kurt:

       Robert glanced into his kitchen.  The dirty dishes were cleaned and stacked on the counter.  The sink was spotless, the tile floor shined, and the table was set for four.

      "When did you do all this?"  Robert asked the Professor.

      "Couldn't sleep,"  Brown Shoes said.

      "I usually can't sleep much either,"  Robert said realizing that this was the first night in years that he hadn't heard any voices.  "But that's way too...."

      "Since you are putting me up, it's the least I could do."

      As the men sat down at the table, Brown Shoes looked at Robert.  "Well, they called this morning from the garage.  They say it's going to take a week or so to get the parts, then probably take another two or three weeks to put her back together.  So I'm looking at almost a month."

      Robert tasted his orange juice.  Freshly squeezed, he thought.  He unfolded his omelet, the aroma of fresh green and red peppers, cheese and onions wafted to his face, and then the fragrance of lilacs hit him.  Brown Shoes had cleaned out a Dr. Hopps' beer bottle and used it as a vase for lilacs from his front yard.

      "This is a taste of heaven," James said, letting is omelet slowly dissolve in his mouth.

      "Well, thank you, "Brown Shoes responded.  "Lin Yutang used to say, 'Our lives are not in the laps of the gods, but in the laps of our cooks.'"

-David Mutti Clark,  Professor Brown Shoes Teaches the Blues

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