Monday, June 6, 2016

Is there an Amen out there anywhere................?

In the same issue of the WaPo, there are many opinion pieces fretting over Donald Trump’s potential abuse of power. Although I disagree with Trump on many substantive issues, I am not going to get on the bandwagon of attacking his authoritarian personality.

I do not doubt that Trump has authoritarian tendencies. Or that he is a narcissist. Or that he is overconfident in his own views. But all of those qualities are present in Barack Obama. And yet when he acts on these authoritarian tendencies, the narrative becomes “vigorous use of executive orders.”

I have not changed my views from a few weeks ago. I will vote for Gary Johnson. But if the media continue to ignore the most respectable ticket on the ballot, then I hope Trump wins. Again, this is not because I agree with him on substance. It is because I believe that as long as we are going to have an arrogant, over-confident, self-centered President, I would rather have the institutional forces of the left arrayed against executive power than in support of it.

-Arnold S. Kling. as excerpted from here

I like Johnson, just not sure I will vote for him

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