Wednesday, October 26, 2016

While I'm an optimist by nature, nurture, and choice..................

............I am also a history major.  Nothing in my readings of history lead me to be hopeful about the next 228 years.  Hang on people.  It will be an interesting ride:
We have had imperfect candidates for a long time. Often we even elect them to the highest office. So far at least, the inertia of our constitutional system has kept our electoral mistakes manageable. We’ve had a good political run surviving 228 years of imperfect leaders. I’m going to adopt the optimistic view that we’ll survive this next President, and hopefully the next 228 years as well.
The “Washington gridlock” we all claim to hate may be our best insurance against candidates we don’t like. The system, by design, stymies the Executive branch, and that’s a good thing. I’m frightened by this election, but I’m trying to take the long view. I will certainly vote.
-quoth The Banker

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