Monday, January 9, 2017

On good behavior...................

Arnie presents Jack the 1963 Masters Green Jacket

Jack presents Arnie the 1964 Masters Green Jacket

     But believe me when I say that despite the pain of losing major tournaments to each other and the wild swings in fortune that defined our relationship, we had a lot of fun being in the center of all that attention.  And neither of us ever lost sight of what it was all about, sports and competition, not life and death.  That meant that the guy who lost was always able to congratulate the guy who won with all sincerity.  Likewise, the winner, understanding the disappointment the other man was feeling, was able to be humble and kind.
     I can't think of a better way to behave whatever side of the fence you end up on in your daily pursuits.

-Arnold Palmer, A Life Well Played:  My Stories.  As extracted from the chapter "Jack."

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