Monday, April 10, 2017

Can I get an Amen...........................?

Spengler weighs in on Syria:

They're nuts. The last thing the US should do is commit ground forces.

Feel free to read the whole thing.  This part was especially interesting:

A seventh of Russia's population is Muslim, and 90% of them are Sunnis. China has a restive Muslim population among the Uyghurs in its far West, and all of them are Sunnis. Moscow and Beijing therefore support Shi'ite terrorists as a counterweight to Sunni jihadists. A Eurasian Muslim civil war is unfolding as a result. Daniel Pipes of the Middle East Forum thinks America should let Sunnis and Shi'ites exhaust each other. If it were just Syria, that would make sense, but the Syrian conflict is the nodal point for a much larger and more dangerous conflagration. If the 300 million Muslims of Southeast Asia were to become involved, the consequences would be horrific.

Us western types would do well to remember that not all that long ago Western Europe was convulsed by more than a century's worth of religious wars (reasonable people may disagree whether the will to power was the root cause and religion was just the pretext, or visa versa).  Islam is +/- 700 years younger than Christianity.  Maybe they're just playing catch-up.

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