Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Warren Meyer...........................

..............the author of the read-worthy Coyote Blog is pondering an end to his blogging.   Here's hoping he continues.   An excerpt:

The world seems to be moving away from intellectualism.  I say this not because Trump voters were somehow rejecting intellectualism, but because intellectuals themselves seem to be rejecting it.  They act like children, they are turning universities into totalitarian monoculters, and they compete with each other to craft mindless 140-character "gotchas" on Twitter.  I challenge you to even find a forum today for intellectual exchange between people who disagree with one another.  In politics, Trump clearly rejects intellectualism but for whatever reasons, the Democratic opposition has as well.

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  1. I hope he doesn't quit as well, but certainly understand. It isn't as though there is much, or any money, in it and it's difficult to not feel as though you are primarily talking to yourself.
    The left has given over to lunacy. Trump is pragmatic and a guy normal Amerians know. In a nutshell, Trump is Jim Traficant, the last Democrat that wasn't crazy, though a bit ethically challenged.