Thursday, February 8, 2018

Fifty years ago....................

At the bookstore.............John D. MacDonald's Pale Gray For Guilt

     It had been a fine long hot lazy summer, a drifting time of good fish, old friends, new girls, of talk and laughter.
     Cold beer, good music and a place to go.
     That's the way They do you.  That's the way They set you up for it.  There ought to be a warning bell on the happymeter, so that every time it creeps high enough, you get that dang-dang alert.  Duck, boy.  That glow makes you too visible.  One of Them is out there in the boonies, adjusting the windage, getting you lined up in the cross hairs of the scope.  When it happens so often, wouldn't you think I'd be more ready for it?

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