Monday, April 9, 2018

a qualitative lens...........................

      We need fun.  We need rest.  They increase our chances of success and they benefit your employer as well.  Hard work doesn't necessarily mean good work.  If a lot of surfing on the Internet has taught us anything it's that quantity often does not mean quality.  Don't do more work if you can do better work.  You want to keep in mind the 80/20 perspective Peter Drucker talked about and do things that move the needle instead of spending all your time shuffling emails.
      Author Tony Schwartz says, "Energy, not time, is the fundamental currency of high performance."  It's a qualitative lens instead of a quantitative one.  All hours are not created equal.  We're not machines ...

-Eric Barker,  Barking Up The Wrong Tree:  The Surprising Science Behind Why Everything You Know About Success Is (Mostly) Wrong

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