Friday, April 27, 2018


Before much of anything can get done in a building project, the interior walls need to be framed in.  While the existing bones of the Old School are brick, concrete and ceramic block with plaster interior walls and ceilings, most of the new walls are either 2" x 4" or 2" x 6" wood studs.   The new walls were added mostly to create bathrooms, bedrooms, and the kitchens.  The old plaster walls were saved wherever possible.  One of the issues confronting the design of the renovation was hiding the new plumbing.  Since it is a three story building, and the rooms are essentially stacked upon each other, it was necessary to hide the plumbing for the third floor units from the second floor units and  the second floor from the first.  We solved problem by creating a mezzanine over each bathroom.   For the most part, all the plumbing lines, hot water heaters, and exhaust systems are hidden there.

Basic framing for a smaller "studio" unit.  Note the removed blackboard
on the existing left hand wall.   These will be the Old School Apartments,
so each unit will have a blackboard

A one bedroom unit, without full bedroom separation

The former "boys" room, a future studio apartment

One of my favorite units, this one bedroom will have a kitchen island.  The
window in the far wall of the island was previously located in an interior
classroom wall.  We are reusing everything reusable

I don't remember any schools I attended having a fireplace, but this one did.
Likely it was the Superintendent's of Principal's office when it was built.  No,
 we will not allow the fire place to be used.  Chimney has been capped.

This piece of furniture was built-in storage in one of the classrooms.  It will
be fixed up and cleaned up.  We think it adds a nice touch to this
one bedroom unit.

Typical closet space for most of the units.   Also home for
the electric panel for this unit

One of the four two bedroom units

This is the mezzanine located over all of the bathrooms. You can see the
necessity of hiding the plumbing from the unit above.

Typical one bedroom framing

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