Wednesday, May 16, 2018


     Let there be light!   The Old School gave up its original wood sash windows some thirty years ago.  The school district apparently thought saving energy was more important than giving the kids huge windows to look out from.  When it came to replacement time, instead of glass, they inserted an energy efficient insulated panel in the upper two-thirds of the new aluminum framed windows.  I'm sure that decision saved the district a significant amount on their natural gas bill.  But, the rooms in the Old School have 11' ceilings.  High ceilings scream for large windows.  Most people seem to favor natural light.  Replacing the insulated panels with glass just seemed to be the right, and logical, thing to do. 
      During the process, the historical folks had their say.  Our original proposal did not include "muntins" on the outside of the glass.  The muntins give the window the framed pane look, and by having them on the outside of the glass a three dimensional look is added to the window.   The historical folks were adamant.  Muntins were a must.  It raised our cost for the replacement windows by more than 25%, but, in fairness, it also makes for a more attractive product:

The building with most the original insulated panels in place.

A replacement window without the muntins.   It got fixed later

A close up of the exterior muntins

The full glass dramatically enhances the interior of the
apartment units

Nobody uses ladders any more

It's a three-man job

The old insulated panels are sitting on the ground

A pretty attractive finished product

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