Sunday, June 3, 2018

The Impatient Stage.................

    The Old School project has been center stage in my work life since last fall.  We are now in the Impatient Stage.  We have made significant headway, lots of work has been completed, the apartment units are coming into sharper focus, one can see the finished product materializing.  But...........There still is a lot of work to be finished.  We have surrendered the original goal of having tenants move in by the end of June.  The target for completion is now mid-July.  I can see the pathway, but........:

First floor plaster repair not yet started

Second and third floor plaster work mostly finsished

Five of the 29 kitchens are still boxed up

8 of the 29 kitchens have cabinets but await countertops

The rest of the units are patiently awaiting appliance delivery

Eleven of the units originally had hardwood (maple) floors.

After almost 80 years, they need refinishing

It is a tedious process

Sanded but not stained.

Stained but not sealed

The almost finished product.  Mighty handsome floors, don't you think?

Confident enough in the process to put this sign up

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