Friday, November 23, 2018

On blaming the wrong person........

"And then I started to cry, too, because I was thinking of Michael and what was lost, and Kevin and what I hope won’t be lost. And because, more and more, it seems that Donald Trump’s genius for hate and division has driven us all into a canyon that we won’t easily be able to climb out of."

"I worry that it will be a long time before we can talk across our jangly, angry chasms. "

 Don't indulge in the off-loading of your estrangement onto Donald Trump. There will always be political figures out there, setting us off, stirring up hostility and anxiety. Find the estrangement that originates in you, and take care of that.  "Just remember, when you really need somebody, the only one that’s going to be compelled to run toward you is your family...."

-Ann Althouse, from this post in which she quotes Maureen Dowd

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