Sunday, February 3, 2019

Politics is a funny business.................

Andrew Sullivan points out that, contrary to popular belief, Donald Trump can be a unifier.

If you’ve been waiting for the U.S. Senate to exercise its constitutional prerogatives in the era of Trump, you need wait no longer. A big bipartisan majority has finally stood up to Trump … by voting to advance an amendment in favor of continuing the 18-year occupation of Afghanistan and the ongoing intervention in Syria!
Mitch McConnell actually went on the Senate floor to argue that Trump’s proposed exit from Afghanistan, where no serious progress has been made for almost two decades, would be far too sudden. “The precipitous withdrawal of United States forces from either [Syria or Afghanistan] could put at risk hard-won gains and United States national security,” he argued. “I believe the threats remain.” Precipitous!
In fact, the vote was — at 68-to-23 — veto-proof.
43 Republican senators (out of a total of 53) were joined by 25 Democratic senators (out of a total of 47).   Bipartisanship!

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