Sunday, October 4, 2020

If the first chapter is any indication...............

...............this will be an enjoyable book.  The yellow highlighter is already working over time.  A few snippets:

 " . . . humans do not necessarily comprehend the consequences of their innovations."

"But we do not make good decisions by professing knowledge we do not and cannot have."

"Uncertainty is the result of our incomplete knowledge of the world, or about the connection between our present actions and their future outcomes."

"With radical uncertainty, however, there is no similar means of resolving the uncertainty - we simply do not know.  Radical uncertainty has many dimensions:  obscurity; ignorance; vagueness; ambiguity; ill-defined problems; and a lack of information that in some cases but not all we might hope to rectify at a future date.  These aspects of uncertainty are the stuff of everyday experience.

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