Thursday, March 11, 2021


      A certain amount of arbitrary rule-ness must be tolerated—or welcomed, depending on your point of view—to keep the world and its inhabitants together.  A certain amount of creativity and rebellion must be tolerated—or welcomed, depending on your point of view—to maintain the process of regeneration.  Every rule was once a creative act, breaking other rules.  Every creative act, genuine in its creativity, is likely to transform itself, with time, into a useful rule.  It is the living interaction between social institutions and creative achievement that keeps the world balanced on the narrow line between too much order and too much chaos.  This is a terrible conundrum, a true existential burden.  We must support and value the past, and we need to do that with an attitude of gratitude and respect.  At the same time, however, we must keep our eyes open—we, the visionary living—and repair the ancient mechanisms that stabilize and support us when we falter.  Thus, we need to bear the paradox that is involved in simultaneously respecting the walls that keep us safe and allowing in enough of what is new and changing so that our institutions remain alive and healthy.  The very world depends for its stability and its dynamism on the subsuming of all our endeavors under the perfection—the sacredness—of that dual ability.

      Do not carelessly denigrate social institutions or creative achievement.

-Jordan B. Peterson,  Beyond Order:  12 More Rules For Life

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