Wednesday, March 17, 2021


      Each of us, when fortunate, is compelled forward by something that grips our attention—love of a person; a sport; a political, sociological, or economic problem, or a scientific question; a passion for art, literature, or drama—something that calls to us for reasons we can neither control nor understand (try to make yourself interested in something you just do not care about and see how well that works). . . . You do not choose what interests you.  It chooses you.  Something manifest itself out of the darkness as compelling, as worth living for;  following that, something moves us further down the road, to the next meaningful manifestation—and so it goes, as we continue to seek, develop, grow, and thrive.  It is a perilous journey, but it is also the adventure of our lives.

-Jordan B. Peterson,  Beyond Order:  12 More Rules For Live

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