Saturday, March 6, 2021

On curiosity....................................

 Awaken our sense of wonder, I say to my fellow nerd-communicators.  Ignite the spark of curiosity and give it some fuel, using the time-honoured methods of storytelling, character, suspense and humour.  But let's not rely on the journalists and the scientists and the other communicators of complex ideas.  We have to be responsible for our own sense of curiosity.  As the saying goes, 'only boring people get bored'. The world is so much more interesting if we take an active interest in it.

     'The cure for boredom is curiosity,' goes the old saying.  'There is no cure for curiosity.'  Just so: once we start to peer beneath the surface of things, become aware of the gaps in our knowledge, and treat each question as the path to a better question, we find that curiosity is habit-forming.

-Tim Harford, How to Make the World Add Up:  Ten Rules for Thinking Differently About Numbers

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