Wednesday, October 13, 2021

The hopeful birth............................

 .............................of a sub-division:  Episode 11

Storm water management.

One of the principles of development is that storm water cannot leave your property any faster after the development is completed than it did before the development occurred.   Call it storm water management.   In our case, we collect the water from the development and direct it to a storm water basin, also potentially known as a pond.   The word potentially is included primarily because it was our hope that the basin would not hold water permanently, that the water would percolate through the sand and gravel soil and disappear after a brief spell.   Early returns indicate it may become a pond.  Also in our case, the nice folks at the City Engineer's office believe that our site is the recipient of a fair amount of water coming off the hillsides on the opposite side of Horns Hill Road.  Even though this runoff comes not from our land, we still have to account for it.  So we did.  

There is a logical sequence to the development process.  You start with the deepest pipes, the sanitary sewer, then move to the next deepest pipes, the storm sewer.  Both of these systems rely on gravity.  Elevations matter.  

The storm water basin

Laying some big pipe to catch the storm water coming
from the hillside across Horns Hill Road

Bedding said pipe with gravel

Connecting the storm pipe to a storm structure (manhole)


Laying some deeper storm pipe.  Box required for safety


Your basic storm structure.  Inlets and outlet

Street storm water inlet

Two street storm inlets waiting patiently for the street

Main outlet for storm water coming off the hillside on
the other side of Horns Hill Road to flow into our basin

Different view of the same

The storm basin will allow water to flow towards the 
North Fork of the Licking River.  This is the outlet at 
the lower edge of the basin

This pipe offers the only outlet for storm water leaving our

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