Wednesday, December 29, 2021

On the Quest for the Best..............

 When I think about what gets so much attention these days - reality television where no actors need apply - antics on apps where coarseness is glorified - companies who produce nothing and reap billions in rewards - journalism without facts as long as it clicks - tenths of truths that pass for political tricks - I caution myself not to become too worried or sad. Yes, it may seem the idiots are running the show. When we monetize mediocrity and mendacity, we risk bedlam, you know.

And then I experience some bit of humanity at its best - an action so simple, performed at its finest. A conversation that helps grow my mind or my craft. A neighbor’s action that’s kind, a moment unexpectedly deft. Something so well designed - I see the Best remains real and fresh.

-Matthew Ferarra, from this post

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