Wednesday, September 6, 2023

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      That Veronica and I were given keys and told to come early on a frozen Saturday in April to open the school for the Our Town auditions was proof of our dull reliability.  The play's director, Mr. Martin, was my grandmother's friend and State Farm agent.  That's how I was wrangled in, through my grandmother, and Veronica was wrangled because we did pretty much everything together.  Citizens of New Hampshire could not get enough of Our Town.  We felt about the play the way other Americans felt about the Constitution or the "Star-Spangled Banner."  It spoke to us, made us feel special and seen.  Mr. Martin predicted a large turnout for the auditions, which explained why he need use of the school gym for the day.  The community theatre production had nothing to do with our high school, but seeing as how Mr. Martin was also the principal's insurance agent and very likely his friend, the request was granted.  Ours was that kind of town.

-Ann Patchett, Tom Lake

thanks David

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