Sunday, November 5, 2023

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 ..........................102 Ways to not let Irrational Thoughts Ruin Your Life:

04.  Fire can burn down your house, or it can cook your dinner each night and keep your house warm in the winter.  Your mind is the same way.

09.  Stop being so cerebral.  Do things with your hands.  Cook, clean, go outside.

12.  Change your objective.  The goal is not to feel "good" all the time, it's to be able to express a  healthy range of emotions without suppressing or suffering.

20.  Do not always trust yourself.  Give yourself space to be wrong.  Open yourself up to the idea that you don't know what you don't know.  If your feelings are informed by irrational thoughts, they can very well be incorrect.

27.  Expand your perceptions.  If you're uncomfortable, you're being pushed to think beyond what you've known.  You're being called to see yourself in a new way.  Open yourself to possibilities you normally wouldn't consider, or layers of yourself you've yet to see.

42.  Remember that you can choose what you think about, and even when if feels like you can't, it's because again, you're choosing to believe that.

44.  Go outside and look at the stars and drink a glass of wine.

58.  Practice happiness.  External events don't create meaning or fulfillment or contentment: how we think about them does.  If you are operating on a scarcity mentality, you'll always be unhappy, no matter what you have of get.

-Brianna Wiest, 101 Essays that will Change the way You Think

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