Saturday, October 15, 2011

Checking in with Steve Felix

Steve Felix attends a conference and comes away with some
things worth thinking about.................

What happens when what we know gets in the way of what
we notice?

Innovation is driven by noticing human behavior.

We stop asking “Why?” because we're afraid to let people
know that we don’t know something.   Don’t be afraid of
coming back with another, “Why?"

Laughter at an idea means something is working

Ask the right question to find the answer.

Creativity: the ability to look at the same thing as everyone
else but see something different

Within 8 seconds of creating an idea, someone will tell you
there’s something wrong with it-often it’s yourself.
Suggestion: Wait 8 seconds before commenting/criticizing

That won’t work - so how can I make it work?

If you’re focused on success you’re not thinking big enough.

Your greatest solutions happen when you lack resources.

Your customer is not you-you have to get into their heads to
understand their challenges/problems before you can come
up with a solution

Force your brain not to be you! Look in places you’d never
look - that is where innovation is -not at your competitors.

The world we live in today has problems that cannot be
solved by old thinking

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