Thursday, April 12, 2012

What balance might look like............

When one cannot improve on something, cutting and pasting is certainly an option.  Ergo, the following was cut and pasted from Tom Asacker's blog.  Enjoy:

Daily wisdom for troubled times

Tom Peters and I had a fun exchange a while back that I think 
is worth sharing again during these challenging and stressful times.  
He wrote:

Daily Wisdom for Troubled Times
Get up earlier.
Go to bed later.
Work harder.
Finish what you start.
Learn one new thing.
Renew one contact.
Ask, "How can I help you?" at least once.
Make yourself visible.
Be of good cheer.
Catch a break.
Or not.
Repeat tomorrow.

I commented:

Sleep in tomorrow.
Take a walk in the woods.
Don't try to figure out a damn thing.
Make a whistle from an acorn top.
Say, "You are very lucky. Be at peace." At least a dozen times.
Be invisible.
Be of open heart.
Catch a fish.
Or not.
Repeat weekly.

He responded:
"Brilliant! Combine both = Dynamite?  Presumably the two lists could 
be used together. I think so."

I think so, too.

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