Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dancing with uncertainty..................

    "Anything worth doing, whether a corporate initiative, a personal quest, or an entrepreneurial endeavor, will be filled with uncertainty.  Not knowing how it will end, whether you'll be able to pull it off, or what it will look or feel like when you do, is a mandatory part of the process, at least in the early phase.
    "Over time, leaps of faith will be replaced by information.  Fear and anxiety will cede to shape, form, certainty, and comfort.  But if you try to rush the process or shut it down because you can't handle the uncertainty, fear, and risk, you effectively shut down your genius creation engine.
     "So why not do the opposite?  Rather than trying to snuff out uncertainty and fear and taking down your endeavor along with them, honor their role as signposts of innovation, and find ways to embrace those seeming demons.
     "When you learn to dance with uncertainty, the doors to genius swing open."

-Jonathan Fields, excerpted from his essay Dancing with 
Uncertainty which is contained in End Malaria

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