Monday, May 28, 2012

Fifty ways.............................

All-Swagga talks effectiveness- here:

11 of his 50 traits and habits of highly effective men:
Develop an attitude tough as nails and expect positive outcomes even when times can be uncompromising.
Initiate Action. When you see a problem jump right in anticipating that you’ll be part of the solution. 
Stay off your high horse. You can’t be effective or helpful with your own agenda in the way.  Focus on what’s in front of you.
Be a good listener. Stop talking about you. Listen!
Pay your bills. You can go more places with good credit than the dollar bills in your front pocket.
Slow down. Finish your thoughts and ideas before communicating them.
Fill your time with quality. Spend more time during the day completing things that are all-important. 
Never quit but give up being judgmental.
Make sacrifices. Do things you don’t enjoy in order carry out a broader objective.    
Practice what you preach. Enough said!
Never give up. Always finish what you started.

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