Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Touching all my bases........

Cultural Offering cleanses our rhetorical palettes:
"One conclusion is that more generous unemployment benefits give rise to higher unemployment and longer search times." 

Execupundit has fun in the meeting:
"Creativity is not anarchy and a major virtue of those who are consistently creative is self-discipline."

The Hammock Papers on the virtue of getting lost:
"But fold it up so we don't find
Our way back soon nobody knows we're here"

David Kannigan on those pesky commencement speakers:
"there is absolutely nothing wrong with being solid."

Nicholas Bate on spending time with the best:
"Hang out with the best. Listen to the best. Read the best."

Seth Godin on making our dent:
"hiding out is surely not going to work at all."

The Furniture Guy on tools, homemade or not:
"but duct tape is more a symptom that you have no idea what to do than an indication you do, and are all manly and so forth."

The Mighty E. was AWOL here of late, but has now returned:
five days in the Big Easy with no report?  What's up with that?

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