Friday, January 25, 2013

Apparently, us middle-class folk are doing just fine

From the Carpe Diem blog:

"Bottom Line: Despite assertions by progressives who complain about stagnant wages, inequality and the (always) disappearing middle class, middle-class Americans have more buying power than ever before. They live longer lives and have much greater access to the services and consumer products bought by billionaires."

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  1. Right. Let's all drink the AEI kool aid. The reality is, in 1975 our U.S. 99% possessed 80% of the wealth. Today, the 99% possess just 64%. Where did all that wealth go? It TRICKLED UP to the 1%. The middle-class is being decimated by the 1% class (which has shrunk 16% since 1980), and the mechanics of this decimation is built into U.S. fiscal policy, which is created by lawmakers who are effectively on the payroll ... of the 1% class (the Yale study more or less proves this). What changed after 1975 that allowed the 1% to suck out a huge amount of 99% wealth, and continues to suck out 99% wealth? Fiscal policy. Before 1975, ALL American's paid a progressive tax. Today, the 99% pay a progressive tax, but the 1% pay a REGRESSIVE tax. We must return to a 100% progressive tax policy, or our middle class is gone, along with our middle-class foundation and, frankly, our personal liberties -- sacrificed to the growing power of oligarchs and plutocrats.