Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fifty years ago.............................

The Beatles..................From Me To You
(crowd noise warning)

Written in 1963 by McCartney-Lennon (one of the last to be credited that way instead of Lennon-McCartney), this song was released in the U.S in May of that year.  It was only a middling success, although it was covered immediately by Del Shannon.  From Wikipedia comes this excerpt about song writers:
John and Paul were sitting at the back of the coach and Kenny Lynch, who at this time fancied himself as a songwriter, sauntered up to the back of the coach and Kenny Lynch ... decided he would help them write a song. After a period of about half-an-hour had elapsed and nothing seemed to be coming from the back, Kenny rushed to the front and shouted, 'Well, that's it. I am not going to write any more of that bloody rubbish with those idiots. They don't know music from their backsides. That's it! No more help from me!'[5]

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