Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The price of progress is..................

...........continuous self-improvement?  So believes David Merkel.  A few excerpts from this recent post:
We live in a world where we no longer have to grow our own food, spin our own cloth, drive away predators, and much more.  There was a time, 100+ years ago where most people had to do the same thing, and  there were a few specialists.  Today, we are all specialists, aside from some who live in desperately poor countries.
But specialists have a problem.  What if their specialty is being changed because of technology?  Or, what if their specialty is being eliminated by the internet?  It’s not as if you can go back to being a farmer; now you have to compete by updating your skills if your skills are in less demand than previously.
You are your own best guardian, in human terms.  No one else has as concentrated an interest in your career as you do.  Therefore, take the opportunity to improve your skills.  It will likely pay off.

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