Thursday, November 28, 2013


Any gentleman may have friends who do not drink alcohol.  Whatever the reason for that choice - religious belief, addiction, or other health concerns - a gentleman respects it.  He does not pressure anyone to drink;  neither does he ask probing questions.  When he is serving as a host, in his own home or a restaurant, he makes certain that his non-drinking friends have plenty of appealing nonalcoholic options.
     If a gentleman chooses not to drink alcohol, he does not impose that decision on other people.  If he is offered a cocktail, he may say, "Thanks, but I don't drink alcohol.  I'd like a soda or some sparkling water - whatever you have handy."  He offers no further explanation.
-How To Be A Gentleman (Revised and Expanded):  A Timely Guide To Timeless Manners

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