Monday, December 9, 2013

Quality of life...................................

Peter Berger pens an interesting essay concerning Pope Francis and Liberation Theology.  Francis, more than any pope in my memory, is identifying with the poor and questioning economic systems.  Full essay here.  Excerpt here:

Francis continues to talk about his wish for a “poor church”, a “church for the poor”. But lately he has spoken out on “greed” and “inequality”, social maladies due to “neoliberalism” and “unfettered capitalism”. If this is the direction in which he is going, one must worry about his view of the world. How does he understand it? Specifically, has he understood the basic fact: Capitalism has been most successful in producing sustained economic growth. And that it is this growth which has been most effective in greatly reducing poverty? Just where is there “unfettered capitalism” in the world today?  It is in China.

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